Who is Boyfriend of Natalie Guercio? is dating?

Who is Boyfriend of Natalie Guercio? is dating?

Reality TV star and business visionary Natalie Guercio is a mother to a child kid, yet the dad of her kid has forever been a secret to everybody. Furthermore, today, we will examine about Natalie Gurcio’s dating life and individual life.

Natalie Guercio is a famous TV actress who has shared the screen in Mob Wives opposite Drita D’Avanzo, Carla Facciolo, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, Ramona Rizzo and Renee Graziano.

She became a part of the show in 2011 and appeared till the final season in 2016.

Is Natalie Guercio Still Dating London Renee?

Natalie Guercio is dating London Renee, her boyfriend, whom she considers her future husband.

She first met her boyfriend at London Rainey in 2008 at the Trump Plaza Beach Bar in Atlantic City.

The reality star has never been married or engaged but may be planning to.

Further, the lovebird duo started dating immediately from the day they fell for each other and have been together for fifteen years now.

Throughout season 4 of Mob Wives: New Blood, Natalie was pressuring London to marry her and the lovebirds were even considering moving in together.

According to Radar, Natalie had been cheating on her boyfriend in London with music producer Ryan Banks for years. In 2013 she was on a hookup with a man other than London Renee.

Natalie was caught kissing someone who wasn’t her partner Renee.

Did Natalie Guercio cheat on London Renee?

Although Banks is married, he admits to having an affair with Natalie for a few years while he was in a relationship with Renee.

At the time, Banks claimed it was just a one-night hookup after the club and was never in a romantic relationship.

Interestingly, Banks said that his wife was surprised by his affair with Natalie because his wife knew that Guercio could never be more than a side-chick.

However, the drama became more intense than a late-night hookup.

To add, Guercio threatened to sue Ryan over his production of “Delicious” because she believed he used her name without her consent to promote her business and promote the song.

Details about Natalie Guercio’s son

Natalie is a loving mother to her only son, Nunzio Gianni. She never mentions that she was related to anyone before London Rainey, but it raises a question about who Nunzio Gianni’s biological parents are.

The Mob Wives cast was 22 when she gave birth to a son on March 6, 2004.

Being a celebrity can be tough at times with so many gossips circulating about their personal lives.

Natalie’s eighteen-year-old son is still young, and the question of who his father is remains.

According to some online rumours, her child is the son of her secret lover. Meanwhile, the mother-son duo usually spend quality time together, going to parties and vacations. He attends a local high school.

Mob’s wife’s boyfriend, Natalie Guercio, attacked in club

Natalie Guercio’s boyfriend London Rainey was stabbed in the face while partying at a hipster dance club. The battle took place on December 29, 2014 in Brooklyn on a Saturday night that started when Renee got into a verbal altercation with another man.

Tabloids revealed more than 250 stitches in London.

That night at the Mob Wives premiere party in New York City, there was a huge fight involving flying bottles and broken bones.

Also, Renee was stabbed on the arm and stomach by an unknown person. London Renee was rushed to Hackensack Medical Center for stitches by a plastic surgeon.

The actress later posted a snap of Renee bandaged and sedated on Instagram.

Natalie Guercio – Domestic Violence Advocate

Natalie works as a domestic abuse attorney. She helps women break free from abusive relationships.

Perhaps, Guercio herself had gone through or witnessed domestic violence, so the actress spoke up for women’s rights.

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