What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok? Insights concerning The Tiktok Video Creator

What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok

What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok? TikToker, who went by the name Itssaniak, (Tiktok Video Creator) whose genuine name is Sania Khan, (What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok) was killed by her ex soon after petitioning for legal separation on July 18, Monday.

A youthful South Asian lady became a web sensation on the video-sharing application TikTok subsequent to sharing her tale about separating from her harmful spouse not long after getting hitched.

The TikToker was at long last guaranteeing her life and beginning to carry on with her best life subsequent to isolating from her significant other when she lost her life.

Who Is Itssaniak On Tiktok?

Sania Khan, who went by her username Itssaniak on her TikTok account, exploded after her video about her separation from her recently hitched spouse circulated around the web with over 450.8k perspectives. (What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok)

(What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok) Khan was a South Asian lady from Pakistan living in the U.S. what’s more, was as of late hitched to another South Asian man named Raheel Ahmed.

She was a previous airline steward and a photographic artist who shared wonderful pictures of weddings and couples in affection alongside movement photography.

Sania got hitched at some point in mid-2021 to her drawn out sweetheart, yet their marriage didn’t work out. In this way, the youthful picture taker shared her excursion of going through separate as a South Asian lady on her TikToks which acquired her a great deal of help.

What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok?

Not long after becoming a web sensation and seeking legal separation, her alienated ex killed Sania Khan in Chicago. As per the reports, he went from Georgia to Chicago and shot her dead.

On Monday, around 4:30 pm, (What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok) officials showed up at the 200 block of East Ohio Street where the youthful picture taker resided, and as they thumped on the entryway, they heard a gunfire and a man moan.

In the wake of entering the structure, the police found youthful Sania on the floor with a gunfire twisted on the rear of the head with dried blood on the face. (What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok) After looking through the spot, they likewise tracked down her ex, Raheel Ahmed, in the room, shot in the head.

The officials at the scene guaranteed that Khan was tracked down dead on the scene, while police tracked down Ahmed with a 9mm Glock handgun and a self destruction note.

Sania had referenced on her posts on TikTok that her better half was poisonous and not who she thought he was, yet nobody anticipated that he should appear at her entryway and kill her.

Raheel disappeared from his home in Atlanta that day which prompted his folks recording a missing report as he was discouraged, as per his loved ones.

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