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What is car insurance and how many types are there?

car insurance – Have you ever wondered why everyone asks for car insurance? Friends do not come by telling trouble. No matter how safe you are, the person in front of you should be a safe driver.

Let’s assume you survived the accident. But if your car is stolen, if there is a sudden fire in the car, all these things are like that. There is no guarantee.

Can protect yourself against all. So with car insurance.

If someone is promising us the protection of our expensive car by paying a small premium amount, then it is wise to take insurance.


There are many types of car insurance as well.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

(Insurance of your entire car) If this car person happens to our car, such as theft, accident, fire, or damage to the color, then the insurance company pays its full cost.

Another special feature of Comprehensive Car Insurance is that the driver’s insurance is also included in it.

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Every year our car is getting old and because of this the price of the car is also what it is. She starts declining in the market.

If we have got insurance. In case any damage is done to our car then we get the same amount of money as we paid for our new car.

3rd party car insurance

If we have an accident, the insurance company compensates the person we harmed.

Once we can bear our loss somehow, how much damage has been done to someone else. We may never be able to predict if a better insurance company will cover the loss.

The government has made third party insurance compulsory, that is, if you have a car, then you must have third party insurance.

If you want to enjoy your car by being tension free, get car insurance today.

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