Sakinaka police arrest chemical engineer for financial fraud in the name of online lottery gifts

Mumbai: Parents are trying to give a good education to their children so that their future may be bright. They also give good education by making blood water. However, some well-educated youths today seem to be turning to crime. fraud in the name of online lottery gifts

Then, they will be accused in ‘Bully Bai’, ‘Club House’ app or Cyber ​​Fraud. Now Sakinaka police have arrested a similar chemical engineer from Kolkata. The ISM was tricking people by offering them online gifts.

Samarjoti Das, aged 26, is an educated chemical engineer, but works to lure people into the online lottery by offering them gifts. He has an elderly mother in the house of Samarjoti Das. So, father Samarjoti died when he was young.

The mother worked hard to teach Samarjoti Das and made him a chemical engineer. But, Samarjoti’s feet turned to the criminal world and he started cyber crime.

How to deceive people?

Samarjoti Das was the first to call the plaintiff. They were told that an Apple Computer, an Apple iPhone, and a few other prizes were in the lottery. He then asked the plaintiff to download an application.

It was an application for the person’s mobile access to go to the front. He then stole all the other information through OTP on his mobile.

Police received information that Samarjoti Das had withdrawn the money boiled by the plaintiff from an ATM in Kolkata. fraud in the name of online lottery gifts

After which a team of Sakinaka police reached Kolkata and after 7 days of relentless efforts handcuffed Samorjoti Das. However, he is not alone, but another friend is also involved, who is being sought by the police. Police have also ruled out a possible racket.

Police have warned people to beware of such cyber criminals and if any such incident has taken place, they have been asked to contact the police immediately.

Under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Maheshwar Reddy, a team led by Assistant Inspector of Police Dheeraj Gaware, Police Naik Ganesh Gaikar and Police Peon Dhanaji Pandhare has been directed by Senior Inspector Balwant Deshmukh of Sakinaka Police Station.