Andrea Nicole Conte Ciprian of Men and Women broke up

Andrea Nicole Conte Ciprian of Men and Women broke up

Andrea Nicole Conte Ciprian and Ciprian Aftim broke up. His selection of men and women, broadcast last December 2021, was rather turbulent, marked by insults from Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti, who criticized his behavior.

Without notifying the editorial staff and thus without cameras, the then lawyer showed up at Tronista’s house at night.

Andrea Nicole Conte Ciprian

The two spent the night together and told everything in the episode. He left the studio heavy with humiliation but happy to live the love story born in front of the cameras.

However, it did not last long: a few minutes ago the former Tronista announced a definitive separation.

Andrea Nicole Conte Ciprian

Words by Andrea Nicole Conte

With an Instagram story, Andrea Nicole revealed that the story with Cyprian is over: ” Maybe for some it was a predicted disaster, for others maybe not, because it wasn’t for me.

In the last few weeks I have been asked non-stop what is happening but at the time I didn’t quite understand either because at first nothing was certain and I didn’t know what to say.

Then denying yourself a harsh reality creates the illusion that it doesn’t exist or that it’s less painful” were her opening words, referring to the fact that she hadn’t shown herself in days with a boyfriend she met at a men’s and women’s event.

“And in the end I closed myself in my silence as usual, walked away from everything and everyone picked up my pieces and asked for help from those who had the skills to do this” he continued, before confirming it between them. This is over.

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